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Tyre Adventure Bike

Tyre Adventure Bike -

Part No: Continental TKC-70
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In Stock?: Yes | 6 available
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Continental TKC 70 New Tire Test


We have have these fitted to our V-strom 650's, BMW GS800 and KLR650.
This is Continental's latest entry in the Adventure Touring segment is an aggressive follow up to their very successful TKC 80, which has almost become de rigueur on most big enduros like the BMW R1200GS.  

The TKC 80 is known for having both great off-road grip and a short rear-tire life. Continental claims the TKC 70 is a 70/30 design, promising to yield much greater service life while not loosing all off-road capability.

Adrian's reports good experiences he has sent us some photos of the front and rear tires.

 "The Continental TKC 70 handled extremely well today in the tight and twisty roads of Gippsland. The tire is technically categorized as a 70/30 tire, This tire can be pushed as hard on the pavement as a street tire, even in the rain! With its high silica level and tri-compound construction, the tire has extreme grip in wet conditions. For a fairly aggressive tread design, the tire is very quite and rolls very smoothly, even transitioning out of corners ."

Last weekend he tackled some off-road areas, and yes, the tires work great for what most of us will encounter while out Adventuring.

• Continental TKC 70 Closeups

TKC70 FrontTKC70 Rear

• TKC 70 Available sizes:


Tire Size Tread Pattern Front/Rear
100/90-19 M/C 57T TL M+S TKC 70 F
110/80 R19 59T TL M+S TKC 70 F
120/70 R19 60T TL M+S TKC 70 F
3.00-21 M/C 51T TL M+S TKC 70 F
90/90-21 M/C 54T TL M+S TKC 70 F
120/90-17 M/C 64T TL M+S TKC 70 R
130/80-17 M/C 65T TL M+S TKC 70 R
140/80 R17 69T TL M+S TKC 70 R
150/70 R17 69T TL M+S TKC 70 R
170/60 R17 72T TL M+S TKC 70 R
4.00-18 M/C 64T TL M+S TKC 70 R
150/70 R18 70T TL M+S TKC 70 R

Order yours today. 
Average price Front $199 Rear $299 for V-strom